2021.12.7(Tue.) ~ 12.10(Fri.)
Sebitseom, Seoul, South Korea





KIM Hyun-woo


at the forefront of K-Trade

The world is preparing to revitalize global trade, starting with a gradual transition to the "Living with Covid-19" era after going through the unprecedented pandemic, climate crisis, and global economic uncertainties.

  Korea needs to make thorough preparation to join the global trends for economic recovery. Also, we should recognize that local SMEs are in desperate need of a substantial amount of support from others.

In response, Seoul Business Agency (SBA) is holding the 2021 TRADE WEEK to help SMEs explore their opportunities in the global market, fitting the purpose of its foundation of improving the business climate for and strengthening SMEs' competitiveness providing systemic support.

  During the 2021 TRADE WEEK, SBA provides B2B and B2C programs to help SMEs seek opportunities to export their products. The programs include the Online Biz Matching and New Product Launch Show where SMEs can promote their products and consult with overseas buyers; the Trade Conference suggesting measures and strategies on how SMEs can deal with a rapidly changing trade environment; and the Live Commerce Show encouraging SMEs to try an online market as their additional channel beyond trade barriers. We hope this will be an excellent opportunity to elevate the status of Seoul as a global trade hub.

  As we advance, SBA will continue to strengthen its support so that promising SMEs continue to promote their products to
overseas buyers for expanded export.

  In addition, we will continue our monitoring through TRADE ON, an online platform for information sharing among promising
SMEs and overseas buyers, and make sure all the efforts will bear fruits. For the companies and buyers who were unable to
participate this time, we plan to provide another chance to join the TRADE ON.

  We ask for your participation, attention, and support for this 2021 TRADE WEEK, where SMEs are the most valuable players.

KIM Hyun-woo
CEO, Seoul Business Agency (SBA)